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Abstraction is Freedom

Zsofi Barabas ⎮ Judit Horvath Loczi ⎮ Bea Kusovszky ⎮ Marton Nemes ⎮ Eszter Poroszlai

From January 7 to February 23, 2023
Curated by: Benoit Manuel

Abastraction is Freedom

To begin 2023, the 193 Gallery takes you to discover the Hungarian art scene.

Zsofi Barabas, Judit Loczi Horvath, Bea Kusovszky, Marton Nemes, and Eszter Poroszlai, each in their own way, represent the legacy of Hungarian artists who lived under the communist grip that deprived them of the same access to art as their peers in the rest of Europe or the United States, and for whom "Abstraction was freedom".  This exhibition, curated by Benoit Manuel, is dedicated to Imre Bak and to those artists who remained to keep the flame of freedom and art alive.

Bea Kusovszky

Eszter Poroszlai

Zsofi Barabas

Judit Loczi Horvath

Marton Nemes

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