Azul Bleu 

Javier Toro Blum  

From September 3 to October 29, 2022

193 Gallery is pleased to present the work of Chilean artist Javier Toro Blum with the exhibition Azul Bleu . Javier has designed an exhibition where blue and at the heart of the project and color and light will be protagonists, interacting with the architectural space and the spectators. 

Javier Toro Blum crosses his work and French culture, he takes as a starting point for his exhibition Azul Bleu a dialogue between "two blues": the color IKB (International Klein Blue) invented and patented by the French artist Yves Klein (1928 - 1962) and the luminous blue of his own works. The latter is the product of research he has been developing since 2015 around the interactions between light and darkness, through filters, materials and certain colors that approach darkness in the electromagnetic spectrum. This quest has led the artist to produce a large part of his work using glass and filters of a very deep blue which, without interior light, borders on black.