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Babi is sweet

Curation Roger Niyigena Karera & Mary-Lou Ngwe-Secke 

Visuel Com' Babi est doux  (1).png

Déambulation ivoirienne

- Urban Life-

Descend to Adjamé Liberté 220, the slum and atmosphere created by Peintre Obou, proud ambassador of Dan culture. A foray into the intimate for once desired. A visit surrounded by the modules of a small city, where life, however difficult it may be, remains warm and colorful.

- The beauty of nature -

Stroll through the living forest of Jean Servais Somian. There are fragments of life in refuge, carried by the poetic breeze of Ana Zulma. See here an essential stopover in Grand-Bassam, in the soft embrace of the memories of photographer Ly Lagazelle.

- The human in connection -

It is now time to go and meet these lives that animate the beautiful Babi. You are welcomed by the wisdom of Pascal Konan and you are questioned in the face of the paradoxical inaction of a humanity in constant effervescence. The pedagogy of links and their importance come to dance on the colored lines of Cédric Tchinan. A complementary research to Ezan Franck, whose fascinating universe is also a research on the value of the Self. Such captivating dialogue between these two twin brothers

- Nature to save -

Finally, Aristide Kouame enters and decodes the union of colors and speech in this matter. A research that aims to challenge but also, above all, to unite for the one who makes us live.

It is therefore this Ivorian scene that takes you to an introspective journey to the heart of human unity. Let yourself go and meditate without moderation because Babi is gentle.


Mary-Lou Ngwe-Secke 

Curator of 193 Gallery 

Because Ivory Coast has not yet said everything about its children, because it seeks the best expression of its maturity, it is essential that art expresses itself in its diversities as in its common passions.

Art is certainly the best vector to illustrate visions, feelings, intuitions: so many dreams that disturb and mark a life...

Thus, the Artist offers, through his works, the wave of a feeling that can reach everyone and make him love and live the Ivory Coast of today and tomorrow. So that the blossoming of an identity of heart develops for her.  


  "BABI EST DOUX" is the fruit of deep humility, filled with love, sharing and communion in the image of Ivory Coast, a country of hospitality, a land of hope!

A gentle therapy, which induces deep questioning about our “self”.  


A sweet and effervescent travel diary,

Result of an unforgettable stay  in Abidjan and Grand-Bassam in November 2021,

A marathon visit to more than twenty artists' studios

A selection of eight artists  whose creation converges around four themes;

Urban life, the beauty of nature, human connection and nature to save.


A lived truth, 

An exhibition of works, 

Works that will touch the depths of your souls by the way you look at them, and will reward you with a little more humility and gratitude.  


I feed on encounters during my travels because “cultural exchange is the path by which souls travel across borders”.

Thanks to Jean Servais Somian, Pascal Konan, Painter Obou, Ana Zulma, Ly Lagazelle, Cédric Tchinan, Ezan Franck and Aristide Kouame.


                                  Roger NIYIGENA KARERA



Excerpt from “BABI EST DOUX” …the book

Written under the influence of the melodies of Moses Sumney

Inspired by "Ivory Coast, sun of our hearts" by Béatrice Agbaté-Lagos

Quote from Haruki Murakami, who accompanies me in all my projects

The words of Marie Noelle Kouakou

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