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Luxembourg Art Week | 193 Gallery

Glacis Square | 11 - 13 Nov 2022

The 193 Gallery is happy to participate in Luxembourg Art Week with a collective exhibition of four artists linked by their abstract and colorful worlds: Valentina Canseco, Aldo Chaparro, Małgorzata Szymankiewicz and Javier Toro Blum.
It_Black_April_19_2022_1233_StainlessSteel_ElectrostaticPaint_240x112x60cm_Venice Italy_Al
Cóncavo Convexo.jpg
untitled 332, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 130x110 cm.jpg

Valentina Canseco

Javier Toro Blum

Aldo Chaparro

Małgorzata Szymankiewicz

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