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Born in Nigeria in 2000, Ebuka Michael is a student of photography and graphic design at the University of Lagos. An avowed fan of 8th art, he began to express his sensibility through photography. Strongly influenced by his environment, Lagos, a megalopolis that teems with energy and fascinates him, his gaze focuses on expressing the present moment through the life scenes of his contemporaries. In his eyes, color translates with ease the human density and the feelings aroused by these moments charged with intensity. Aware of the joy his colorful images bring to those around him, Ebuka is able to capture beauty while sharing it with the greatest number of people. His images, full of pastel, dreamy flashes, are often located on the banks of the Iboko River because "he embodies the door of Ogun. I live in Iboko and this river, which in fact bears the name of the river of Ogun, I call it the river of Iboko since I took my series there. It is an emblematic space of my art, I discovered it in 2019. After making my first photographs there, I was very surprised by the outstanding aesthetics that revealed itself," he says.



Deeply inspired by documentary photography, music, nature, his community and his relationship with God, Ebuka means "God is great", the young photographer continues his incessant exploration. "I define myself as an iPhone photographer because this tool allows me to tell the stories that mark me and that I observe in Lagos where there is always an event to capture in the immediacy. I won't be able to tell such stories with a camera," he says.



Always guided by his mastery of color, on the lookout for new ideas that feed his creativity, he continues to experiment with an obvious style and studies. This artist admits to being influenced by the colorful world of the famous photographer Prince Jyesi and Danny Wonders. The works of Ebuka Michael are very successful internationally and have already conquered the magazines Vogue Italia, Afropunk, Vsco. His work, brimming with communicative energy, has moreover bloomed in the streets of London.



Ebuka Michael is currently working on "Faceless", an inspiring series that he wants to exhibit in Lagos, "his hometown" and in many other cities on the continent.




Colors of Africa, 193 Gallery, Paris, France 

Magazine  Vogue Italia,

Magazine Afropunk,




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