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April 20 - October 20

193 Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of its first space in Venice with the exhibition cycle Colore e Materia, which will be held from April 20 to October 22, in parallel with the Biennale Arte 2022 at Dorsoduro 556, a magnificent 17th century building next to the Academy of Fine Arts and a few steps from the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, Fondazione Vedova and Punta della Dogana.


April 22 - June 22

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The first exhibition of the Colore e Materia cycle it is ...OR WAS IT A DREAM? A duo exhibition that will bring together the work of multimedia artist Alia Ali (Yemen/Bosnia/USA) and sculptor Aldo Chaparro (Mexico).



Dorsoduro, 556 ,

30123 Venezia VE, Italy

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

April 20 to October 22, 2022


Babi est doux
March 17th - May 28th 

- Urban LIfe-

Descend to Adjamé Liberté 220, the slum and atmosphere created by Peintre Obou, proud ambassador of Dan culture. A foray into the intimate for once desired. A visit surrounded by the modules of a small city, where life, however difficult it may be, remains warm and colorful.


- The beauty of nature -

Stroll through the living forest of Jean Servais Somian. There are fragments of life in refuge, carried by the poetic breeze of Ana Zulma. See here an essential stopover in Grand-Bassam, in the soft embrace of the memories of photographer Ly Lagazelle.


- The human in connection -

It is now time to go and meet these lives that animate the beautiful Babi. You are welcomed by the wisdom of Pascal Konan and you are questioned in the face of the paradoxical inaction of a humanity in constant effervescence. The pedagogy of links and their importance come to dance on the colored lines of Cédric Tchinan. A complementary research to Ezan Franck, whose fascinating universe is also a research on the value of the Self. Such captivating dialogue between these two twin brothers.

- Nature to save -

Finally, enter Aristide Kouame and decode the union of colors and speech in this matter. A research that aims to challenge but also, above all, to unite for the one who makes us live.


It is therefore an introspective journey to the heart of human unity in which this Ivorian scene takes you. Let yourself go and meditate without moderation because Babi is gentle.

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Adjust the blinds 
March 17th- May 28th

    An exhibition worked as a duo by a couple is always a complex challenge. We could think that if a relationship is successful, therefore an exhibition made as a couple should reflect this in the works and in the project as a whole. We wish life would always follow this logic, although it is true that a good communication generates a powerful energy, it is also true that in this type of collaborations we are opening our personal processes to thousands of variants that we do not have in solitary and independent work. We have assumed these variants as a challenge and the result is what you will be able to see physically in this exhibition. It is an exercise that does not pretend to lead us to any conclusion. We believe that sharing our process with you individually and as a whole will reveal a number of questions that we consider valuable to explorefurther. Valuable in art and valuable especially in personal terms, as we believe that collaboration is the working model that will lead us all to a more empathetic and functional future.

"Adjust the Blinds" refers to this ability to readjust our perception based on immediate needs, or what is demanded of us moment to moment. Editing or re-adjusting the light behind the blinds, the incoming information, one's perception in order to see more clearly. In times that are so confusing for everyone, we question everything we have learned, what we thought we knew and even the truths we thought were absolute. We learn to live in the uncertainty of a time of change with all the readjustments that such times entail.