Carlos Garcia Noriega Bueno

Image de Kristine Cinate

Carlos Garcia Noriega Bueno, form and proportion

    Born 1983 - Lives and works in Mexico City.

An architect by training (Master’s in architecture, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia), sculptor Carlos Garcia Noriega Bueno creates structured and architectural sculptures in steel and in textured black electrostatic paint.

His work, on forms and proportions, refers to social, political, and environmental issues in Mexico and around the world: border issues and growing nationalism, bees in danger and refugees ....

Like Aldo Chaparro, the sculptures are there to transmit to us this incredible fragility in their structure but their resilience in the materials used (aluminum, copper, and steel). Through shapes and right angles, he shows us the human strength to overcome all adversity.

His work has been shown in Brooklyn, Paris, and Mexico, among others.