Fantasista Utamaro

Image de Kristine Cinate

Fantasista Utamaro, the infinite pattern

    Fantasista Utamaro is a Japanese artist based in Brooklyn, New York. he is part of the new generation of young enterprising Japanese artists, whose vision defies borders. He brings an ultra-pop sensibility to each project with an explosive energy that is undoubtedly his.

Three concepts are glimpsed in Fantasista Utamaro's work: celebration, freedom, and limitlessness. They must give the opportunity to see universal things from different angles. He thinks it is important to recognize the value of everyday life.

Very close to Takashi Murakami with whom he worked for ten years, he notably directed videos for Pharrell Williams, in collaboration with the latter.

The style of his works of art is an ever-increasing motif. He thinks everything cuts out, like the photograph and the stomach. Each life also has a recitation.

Utamaro's fantasies capture his ever-amplifying model as an endless imagination and as the ego of the human being. For him, nothing can exist unless it is cut off. However, human beings can subconsciously imagine being cut outside the pattern. Imagining something that you cannot see is the heart of creativity, of the imagination. That’s why he continues to do the pattern.

For Fantasista Utamaro, the Japanese universality is a pop culture like animation and manga. If these cultures appear on totally different occasions, observers can rediscover something and see themselves subjectively.

He has exhibited since 2006 in Japan, China, the United States and France in Paris since 2017, at the Urban Art Fair.