Mous Lamrabat

Image de Kristine Cinate

Mous Lamrabat, the poetry of simplicity


    Mous Lamrabat is a Moroccan-Belgian photographer. He offers provocative and offbeat images where he mixes ostentatious luxury, fashion, and oriental tradition. He searches for a poetry of simplicity in the natural settings that he photographs. His work is distinguished by its play of colors and textures.

Lamrabat reinvents what it means to photograph fashion. Mous is best known for her images of dreamy, masked bodies, painted in pastel and visually translating Morocco's obsessive character with her branding. As a photographer who constantly plays with his style, sometimes taking abstract images with flash, sometimes vivid and native colors, it is not exactly easy to place his work. But that's precisely why people are drawn to their work, this unknown of what will follow. A curiosity for the birth of each image.

It has been published in magazines such as Elle, The Last magazine, De standaard magazine and Modzik. He has collaborated with brands like Puma, Sony, Sisley, and more edgy ones like Maison Artc and Botter.

In partnership with the Number 8 gallery