Hiro Ando was born in 1973.

In 1995, Hiro Ando began his career as an illustrator after graduating from Tama Art University in Tokyo. In 2005, he founded an artists' studio in Tokyo with Saori Nakamishi to manage the creation and promotion of other young neo-pop artists who express their own popular culture in their creations. Today the Crazynoodles studio has around ten artists.

Hiro Ando is a versatile artist. He works with oil on canvas, digital media or video. His technique consists of drawing up several sketches before painting on canvas. Painting is shaped and emerges in the streets of Tokyo at night, and combines lots of colors and graphics.

Hiro paints dark cityscapes and goldfish all over the canvas. The match of the two subjects makes the whole painting dynamic and violent, with a strange feeling of eternity given by the goldfishes which reminds the old Japanese paintings and watercolors.

The sculpture is a recent addition to the media used by Ando, ​​who began working on a series of sculptures inspired by Japanese popular culture. Thus cat, which is a lucky charm in Japan, like Maneki-Neko, takes different forms such as the samurai or the sumo wrestler.

The artist translates this theme into a modern style. The shiny and smooth materials, bright colors, brutal but rounded shapes of Hiro Ando's sculptures take us into the world of manga in which the artist's generation grew up. The art of Hiro Ando is the meeting between the Meiji era and the Manga, he is Shogun in the Pokemon world, he is traditional Japan seen through the eyes of young people: he certainly belongs to Japanese neo pop art.



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