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Face to Face 
The new African-American art scene

curated by Victoria Mann

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On May 25, 2020, Georges Floyd was assassinated by a white "peacekeeper" who was "only doing his job". As with so many black men and women before him, US authorities are trying to bury the incident. Did this happen too many times ? Certainly not, the too many times was a long time ago, but within a divided America, this incident triggers a movement of revolt which force is in the image of the injustice suffered by Georges Floyd. His last words "I can't breath" became the slogan of this fight which denounces a systemic racism present in our modern societies. 

These movements of revolts which explode in the four corners of the United States have found an echo elsewhere in the world, and pancartes "I CAN'T BREATH" appear in large-scale demonstrations from Paris to Copenhagen and from London to Madrid.  


Through this exhibition, which highlights the young African-American scene, the floor is given to five artists who, through their work, confront their truth with those of others. Because the word "confront" its importance in the present context. It is no longer the time to lament or to be a passive spectator, but to confront a reality that must change by the commitment of each of us. To use the words of a friend and collector "Artists are not alone, but with their imagination and sensitivity they are often the pioneers who trace the path". I therefore invite you to a face to face meeting with five artists who refuse to no longer be able to breathe. - Victoria Mann

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