Technical informations

Artist: 281_AntiNuke

Title: Fly Away

Dimensions: 60 x 90 cm

Technique: Spray paint on canvas, on stretcher

Year: 2018



Unique work signed on the back by the artist and delivered with the certificate of the 193 Gallery.


About the work and the artist

281_Anti nuke is one of the most famous urban artists in Japan, if not the most famous. He has specialized in the fight against nuclear power since the Fukushima disaster. Based on a similar stencil technique, his style is reminiscent of a certain well-known English street-artist… Banksy of course.

Despite his growing popularity in Tokyo and Europe, he is keen to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from the police and far-right groups. Street-Art remains a very marginal practice in the Japanese capital and is not appreciated by the fairly conservative authorities.

The artist regularly uses the figure of the current Japanese president, Shinzō Abe, whose political line is very to the right.

The man is very careful. He has no choice: his work regularly earns him death threats.

Wrapped up in a black parka with a zipper up to the neck, he seems ready to take off at any moment. Her long hair helps her hide her face better.



281_AntiNuke - Fly Away (Black) (Japan)


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