Artist: Cyril Manzini

Title: L'âme

Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

Edition: 1/8

Technique: Fresson print

Year: 2017


Unique artwork signed on the back by the artist and delivered with the 193 Gallery certificate.


About the artist

Born in Paris in 1988, Cyril Manzini devotes himself to film photography. He works with all formats ranging from 35mm to 4x5 inch format. In this artisanal practice, he produces his own color and black and white silver prints in his laboratory.

His eye, attracted by the great masters of painting, leads him in his search for aestheticism to carry out various advertising campaigns as well as fictional films that he writes. He then works with models that he stages until obtaining the desired image.

The use of Polaroid leads him to complete his research of faded, desaturated and dreamlike images with inimitable rendering.

During his travels, he is inspired, marvels, sharpens his eye as a colorist and tackles another form of relationship with time, especially in Asia.

Cyril Manzini - L’âme (France)


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