Aldo Chaparro, the meaning of post-industrialism

   Born in 1965 - Lives and works between Mexico City, Lima, Los Angeles. His work focuses on the use of sculpture and painting to explore form in a post-industrial way. Chaparro explores form through emptiness, matter and the human body using rapid processes to transform pre-fabricated materials into unique objects. Using elements commonly used in construction, he creates forms in balance by manipulating and subtracting matter.

Throughout his career, under the influence of artists Michaelangelo Pistolleto or Robert Morris, the artist works on reflection and the mirror effect which have always been the key points of his reflection. Over time, he has developed close ties with his favorite materials such as steel, wood and neon.

On its bent steels, the industrial finesse, cleanliness and quality of reflection of the metal is in contrast to the violent nature of the sculptures. He applies a force to the materials while letting the steel sheets decide their own shape. His mastery and the technique he has acquired allow him to obtain from metal an appearance of crumpled paper, reminiscent of a crumpled sheet thrown in the trash. The metal thus loses its formal rigor and becomes a fragile element. The process used allows a unique crystallization of the color without the paint being damaged during folding. The colorful and shiny finishes are reminiscent of the sculptures of Jeff Koons. 

Through these sculptures, Aldo Chaparro also creates a metaphor by playing on appearances. Indeed, the latter, like human beings, sometimes seem harsher and more violent than they really are.

His work on wood is carried out in a practice which tends to decontextualize the works of their fields of origin. In his Totem series, the wooden joists are partially or totally burnt. Then he sculpts the blackened wood, giving it a second life. His art is thus designed for what it is and not for what it might represent.

His works are notably part of large collections of Simon de Pury (London), Pierre Huber, the Jumex Foundation, Domenico de Sole Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sotheby’s, or of the Perez Art Museum in Miami.

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