Sébastien Méhal and urban life

Born in 1970, and originally from Martinique, Sébastien Mehal is a graduate of the Superior School of Audiovisual Production (ESRA Paris XV) in Paris (2000) and of the Paris School of Architecture (1996).

Sébastien Mehal was personally touched by the development of the city and by the peculiarities and other quirks of urban life; he draws all his inspiration from it. The artist integrates into his works a real sociological and philosophical reflection staged in a minimalist style of his own.

The electric light bulb is the major figure in his work. It is the symbol of the impact of our society in inhabited areas. The notion of light embodies both the mental light of man and also his vital energy. This object constitutes a central element even omnipresent in our environment.

In his most recent works, we observe the presence of splashes of liquid paints “injected” using large industrial or medical syringes. While he only used flat textures, he is currently working on the creation of delicate reliefs which allow a play of light and depth, at the origin of an energy specific to the work.

Sébastien Mehal has participated in numerous exhibitions and fairs around the world (Fiac, Art Paris, Art Basel, ...). It is also present in collections in France and Japan.

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