The monumental and immersive installations of Yayoi Kusama are internationally known. They have inspired artists like Carolee Schneemann, Yoko Ono and Damien Hirst and have been exhibited in the biggest places dedicated to contemporary art: at MoMA in New York, at the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris or at the Venice Biennale .

Born in 1929 in Japan, she started drawing from childhood. She suffered from hallucinations very early. It is by looking at a flower tablecloth and looking up at the ceiling that she realizes that the image of peas persists. Her hallucinations will remain omnipresent in her work, and in particular these famous peas.

She studies at Hiyoshigaoka Upper Secondary School where she mainly does traditional and modern Japanese painting. It is rare to see a woman evolve in the profession of artist in Japanese patriarchal society.

Her parents therefore oppose her practice, especially her mother, but this will only nourish her art and forge her convictions. She also detaches herself from overly traditional Japanese education and gives herself more freedom by taking Western models as inspiration.

At the age of 27, she moved to Seattle and then to New York, where she was forced to live with very little. She started exhibiting with avant-garde artists: Yves Klein, Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. She frequently collaborates with her artist friend Donald Judd and presents an increasingly provocative art.

From the 60s, she fully joined the Avant-Garde with her Psychedelic art and close to Pop-Art. She produces more and more Happenings (spontaneous performance which requires public participation) and performances. She is known for her "Naked Demonstrations", which are naked demonstrations with political aims, and for which she was often arrested by the police.

Her installations at the Gertrude Stein Gallery in 1964 were a resounding success. She is then known for the happenings she organizes at the bottom of her loft, lying on a mattress, covered with phallic shapes and peas.

In 1966, she went, without invitation, to Venice Biennale with her work "Narcissus Garden", an installation in the canals, which she filled with 1500 shimmering balls. She will be invited to the Venice Biennale in 1993, but this time officially.


She returned to Japan in 1973, tired, then joined a Psychiatric Hospital in 1977, in which she lived, opposite her studio. Her art allows her firstly to treat her hallucinations, but also her phobias: the fear of sex for example, which comes to her from the adulterous behavior of her father with her mother.

Her art is provocative but serves feminist and anti-macho beliefs that she developed while growing up in Japan. Art gives meaning to her life. She also opens her own museum in Tokyo and remains very active in the art world.

For more information on the works of Yayoi Kusama, apart from the editions we present, you can contact: David Zwirmer, Victoria Miro, Ota Fine Arts".




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